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Seal Coating

Which Abingdon paving service provides the best asphalt repair and protection?

Burke's Lawn Care And Snow Removal LLC Asphalt sealcoating services can restore the original blacktop shine of any asphalt surface. Our advanced, high quality products not only enhance the appearance of a driveway, roadway, parking lot, and other Abingdon asphalt surfaces; Burke's Lawn Care And Snow Removal LLC’s superior sealcoating techniques actually prolong the life of your investment and helps prevent additional asphalt failure and deterioration.

How does Burke's Lawn Care And Snow Removal LLC sealcoating work to protect asphalt?

As its name suggests, sealcoating creates a protective seal that reduces oxidation from the sun. Asphalt that is unsealed and exposed to the sun’s harsh rays eventually changes color and loses its flexibility to expand and contract with temperature changes. The effects of heat and light on unprotected asphalt inevitably results in pavement cracks that worsen and develop into large gaps. Effective sealcoating interrupts this process.

Burke's Lawn Care And Snow Removal LLC sealcoating also helps Abingdon asphalt surfaces from unraveling and losing stone due to continued exposure to gas and motor oil. The proper application of sealcoating to an asphalt surface battered by petroleum based products requires precision and appropriate timing. Our experienced work crews apply sealcoating techniques at the most suitable interval following a fresh asphalt paving.

Our specialized industrial crack fillers and sealants prevent cracks and adds years to the asphalt’s durability. Formulated for either residential driveway or areas subject to the regular traffic of heavy duty vehicles, our sealcoating products endure high volume traffic and stand up to the harshest Abingdon weather.

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